Congratulations on having your Shopify store in place ! Those who are already selling through their Shopify store know that the road till where they are was not very easy or smooth. So they had to work their way, and it was a lot of hard work. Hard work went in to bring visitors to the store, and more hard work was needed to convert those visitors to buyers. Closing the deal requires a lot of toils, inevitably.

In this article today, I am going to talk about the top 10 ways that you can follow to boost your eCommerce conversions. Because doing these will enable you to sell more and convert more visitors into qualifying buyers. Increasing the conversion rate was very important in the yesteryears when eCommerce was just mushrooming, and it is equally important now when we have a lot of tools to help us.

Good to Know !

Even if you are just starting off with your Shopify store, these tips will surely help you in boosting your sales, and if you can follow these religiously and regularly, you can expect a much higher conversion rate that you might have now. So the tips that I am going to share here are expert tips that only comes after a lot of experience with Shopify and eCommerce as a whole. A lot of trial and error went into these as well and finally, I am here with the top 10 ways to boost your eCommerce conversions.

Here is the list of actions that I recommend every Shopify store owner to follow and try to shoot their conversion rate high up:

  1. Add detailed product descriptions
  2. Add high-quality images and video
  3. Send reminders for abandoned shopping cart
  4. Optimize your store for mobile devices
  5. Optimize email communication
  6. Offer more personalization
  7. Concentrate on the buyer reviews
  8. Blog about your products
  9. Provide live chat support
  10. Build a connection and rapport

Let’s try to take a more in-depth look at each of these now.

1- Add detailed product descriptions

Always ensure that you add detailed product descriptions. Mere writing the specifications and dimensions of your product on sale is not enough. Most customers these days want to know what is included in the box and any other inside information that they can find instantly. Visitors seeing more details about the product are more likely to buy it on your store. So, adding detailed product descriptions is very important for the growth of your Shopify store.

2- Add high-quality images and video

This is another fundamental thing to do. Please take high-quality and clear photos and video, if any, to the product page. Most visitors are offended by low quality and blurry pictures of the product on sale., and ensure that the product is clearly visible and the graphic content is of high quality.

3- Send reminders for abandoned shopping cart

abandoned cart

Always send reminders about an abandoned shopping cart. More often than not, the visitor moves away from the screen and forgets to check back. The items stay there in the shopping cart, abandoned by the visitor. A simple reminder would help them to head back and probably finish the purchase.

4- Optimize your store for mobile devices

mobile user
Blog post on how to turn mobile users into buyers

Everyone is moving from computers to mobile phones. Most of the eCommerce transactions happen on the mobile phone, these days and not on computers. Hence, it is essential that you optimize your store for mobile devices, like phones and tablets.

5- Optimize email communication

Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business

With more than 2.6 million email messages sent every second, it’s becoming harder to stand out in inboxes―not to mention in a sea of spam ” Susan Gunellius.
Be innovative while sending email communication to the customer.

If you are submitting an invoice, add a few links to products they might like. This will be an excellent optimization.

6- Offer more personalization

There is a lot of user tracking and communication software available in the market which can offer a lot of powerful personalization options to the visitors. When you use these, your Shopify store will stand out in the crowd and increase your chances of selling.

7- Concentrate on the buyer reviews

Do not ignore the buyer reviews. Always keep track of what the buyer is suggesting or reporting. Take actionable insights from the buyer reviews and ensure that you close any open ends. Future buyers should not experience the same negatives again.

8- Blog about your products

Blogging is quintessential in the success of your Shopify store. Blog more often and include your products and services that you sell through your store. Blogging within the Shopify blogging platform has its own added advantages.

9- Provide live chat support

Now, this is an important tip,and if you can implement this, your Shopify store is undoubtedly going to be the store of choice to your customers. With the overwhelming number and variety of products available online – both on your store and outside, a typical visitor might be confused and find it difficult to make the purchase. They would need a helping hand then. Live chat support is all that can make a difference in such situations.

10- Build a connection and rapport

The last and most important tip is to try and build a relationship with your buyers. Build a positive rapport by providing remarkable customer support and after-sales services. Once you are there in the good books of your customer base, you can expect free and effective word of mouth promotion from your customers. It is a sure shot way of bringing more people on your Shopify store and convert most of them to buyers.


I hope it is clearer now, how these 10 ways can boost your eCommerce conversion rate in 2019. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch, and I will do my best to answer all your queries.

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