Recently, Google decided to make mobile rendering and page speed key issues in how they rate your website and place it in their search engine pages.

Most websites will not have been optimized for mobile devices and the job can look quite daunting, especially if you have enjoyed good search engine placements over the years and suddenly see you site dropping down the rankings.

First of all I will scan your site and report back to you with the problems that Google is flagging up for your site, I will then take your Shopif site and fix all of the issues, then provide you with a comprehensive report on what has been done for your site and the improvements that have been made, I will cover the following.

– Defer parsing of JavaScript.
– Serve resources from a consistent URL.
– Serve scaled images.
– Optimize all of your images.
– Minify all scripts.
– Minify all style sheets.
– Minify all code pages.
– Avoid bad requests.

I offer a professional and honest service and can provide a turnaround of no more than 2 days in most cases.