Are you using shopify for your ecommerce business?
Are you interested to improve your shopify online portal sale using google shopping?

If, Yes. You are in the right place. I am expertise with data feed management for google shopping using merchant centre. 

Show your promotional offers with in feeds (check our gallery)

Why merchant centre?
1. Huge sales in short time
2. Highly profitable
3. Easy to manage
4. Manage 1 product to n number of product.
5. Better ROI
6. Big market
7. Right place
8. Easy to track

How we work with you:
We help you to list your shopify ecommerce products into google shopping using data feed format. For that we handle following process.
1. Create business plan 
2. Analysis your portal & product(for TOS)
3. Create product feed
4. Install the data feed app to your portal
5. Create automatic sync between the app & GMC.
6. Feed the product data
7. Get approval
8. Create shopping campaign with adwords
9. Link the campaign to GMC
10. Publish your product.

1. Make more sales & more profit with your product
2. Brand awareness
3. Low cost for digital marketing
4. High conversion rate