Facebook and google ads could cost you thousands of dollars to drive traffic to your shopify website.

What i’ll do ?

I will run a SEO audit to detect and fix any errors that may occurs, afterward, I will optimize your website ranking:

  • With my search engine optimized plans, you’ll get organic traffic to your website by cleaning your website (removing broken links) and by adding relevant tags to your products, collections, pages, images,.. adding title attribute to links
  • Homepage update (H1 – H6), meta tags, description tags, compressing images
  • Rewrite your pages in a SEO optimized manner (modifying some keywords, removing doubled words, modifying the article style,…)
  • Technical SEO work : minifying codes ; CSS, Javascript,…

The result ?

  • You’ll increase your DA/PA
  • You’ll get FREE organic traffic to your website and increase your sales
  • You’ll rank HIGH in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo,…
  • The SEO optimization takes a little bit time to get results, please allow minimum 1-4 months to see the effectiveness.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question.

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