Undoubtedly you came across this article because you were looking on how to fix the title attributes problem related to your shopify SEO score like on the screenshot below.

Why are Link TITLE attributes important?

The TITLE attribute can be used with almost all HTML elements on your shopify website.

The main role that TITLE attributes can have is to let visitors know where they are being taken to when they click on the link.
They will know when something has a TITLE attribute specified because it will appear as a tool-tip when you hover over the link.

How to add title attributes to links?

There are 2 ways you can add title attributes to your Shopify store in order to increase your SEO score :

  • Manually : If you want to add a simple or custom like on the picture above “click” in a specific links, you have to add title”click” as showed below
<a href="/cart"> title"click"></a>
  • Automatically: If you want to add title attribute showing automatically for example a blog post title, product title, image title,… you have to add the object between
    Curly Brackets, the code below will render automatically the product title when hovering over the link
<a href="{{ product.url}}" title={{ product.title}}></a>

Once you’ve learned how to code the title attributes, you should repeat the process until you fix all flagged links by your SEO tool

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