Affiliate marketing can be a valuable tool for Shopify store owners or any business looking for a cost-effective way to increase the reach of their marketing campaigns. It is a performance-based marketing tactic that will reach out to bigger audiences, increase your site traffic, and help close and boost sales. For some businesses, this is the highest return on investment with a 10-1 ratio of benefit to cost.

There a few major benefits to this form of marketing. As I said before, it is low-cost, performance-based, reaches a specific market, and increases traffic. It also provides the validation of a 3rd party backing your product.


Most affiliate marketing campaigns bill you on a pay-per-click basis. It ensures that you get what you pay for. If no one is clicking on the ad, then you do not have to pay for it. This encourages your affiliate to put in their best effort to entice shoppers to click on your ad. They want to get paid just as badly as you want the exposure. By creating this sort of relationship with your affiliate, you are both working towards the same goal: getting clicks.

Targeted Audience

No matter what your business is, there is an appropriate affiliate company out there for you. There are a lot of businesses that are looking to make connections with others in order to increase their success. Seeking out an affiliate with a common mission or a complimentary product/service will help you both reach your specific audience more universally and really saturate your market with information about your business.

You will also be able to reach markets you have never explored by working with an affiliate company. There are likely customers of the affiliate company that have never heard of your business before and have long been looking for a product or service like yours. Maybe your affiliate has been around for a long time, whereas you are new to the market. Their ability to reach a large audience will help you establish connections that you may not have otherwise had the resources to reach.


Because you are paying for performance-based marketing, you are never going to be wasting your money on ads that are not useful. If an ad campaign with your affiliate is not effective, you will not be paying for it. Businesses sometimes lose significant amounts of money on ad campaigns that flop. With pay-per-click affiliate ads, the only time that you are paying is when your page has been viewed.

Affiliate marketing is also low-cost because it reaches new or more specific markets without the cost of creating a new marketing campaign for each of these audiences. You can try to reach new groups of people with little to no risk to your finances. This allows you to be more adventurous and take chances with the groups that you reach out to. You will be able to try more because there is less of a risk.

Increased Traffic

This is simple math. The more links there are to your business, the more traffic you will get. There is simply more opportunity for casual shoppers to stumble upon your site when you work with an affiliate. Search engines also boost pages that have more links on multiple sites. These links will help establish your identity and boost your SEO strategy.

3rd Party Validation

Customers are always suspicious of positive reviews and information that they receive directly from a seller. They are more likely to seek outside opinions and reviews of your product or service before they buy. Using an affiliate company will build a reputation for your brand outside of your own page. Customers will trust the affiliate more than they will trust the content on your site. It will build credibility for your company. Also, if your affiliate is a company that the shopper is already familiar with and trusts, that familiarity will transfer to your brand because they trust that the affiliate would not lead them astray.


Affiliate marketing is a great, low-risk option for your business. You will reach a wider audience, build credibility, and boost sales with minimal costs. If you do not have the budget to create a massive marketing campaign, or you need a new and creative way to increase your audience, working with an affiliate may be the right move for your business.

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