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WHY Speed is Important ?


We can confidently conclude that slow websites have SEO and usability issues because we know that online-shoppers hates to wait so long for web pages to load and that’s why Google and Facebook uses site speed as one of the main factors for their search rankings engines. So let’s resume the speed importance in the following short lines :

  • Page speed is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm and Facebook too (2019 news), read how to rank first on Google
  • Reduce Bounce Rate (If your website is slow, visitors will most likely leave your store from the first landing page)
  • Better user Experience.
  • Improve Conversion Rate
  • Mobile responsive.

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It’s More Than Just The Fastest Shopify Theme

The PLAK Theme Team Developers Philosophy

Focused on the latest Shopify trends & Shopify entrepreneurs issues. PLAK Theme has been created by successful Shopify Experts & Shopify Stores Owners obsessed with increasing profits, this is why PLAK has seen the day, increase the speed and increase conversions by consequence!

Are you still using a Free Shopify theme and still no sales ?

Here are 5 reasons to upgrade to a Plak premium Shopify theme

  1. More design options : first impressions are very important. Did you know more than 70% of consumers admit to judging a company’s credibility based on their web design? Free Shopify themes may be good and functional, but a Premium theme offer more variation, more options for customization, and a richer customer experience.
  2. Enhanced mobile experience : have you noticed that more and more users are using their mobile or smartphones to buy online? Every Free theme in Shopify is mobile-friendly and will give you a better chance at converting on-the-go shoppers, but width Plak Theme, you can enable/disable some features on mobile or desktop, such as Whatsapp widget, sales popup, …
  3. More built-in features : apps as said above, are one the major reasons for slowing down your website speed, because they’re using external servers to load their codes (which aren’t minified in many cases), but built-in features in Plak theme offers offer smooth website loading and are uploaded directly from your Shopify assets files.
  4. Smoother checkout experience: in order to increase conversion, Plak theme uses an ajax cart pop up to accelerate the checkout process,this way — your abandoned checkout rate will be optimized to its maximum
  5. Direct theme support : If you can’t discuss directly with the developers who built your theme, how are you going to use it to its full potential? No more worry — Plak Shopify theme comes with one year support to assist you whenever you need a hand


Increase On-site and Off-site SEO

Bump up your organic traffic : Facebook ads, Google ads and paid adverting in general could cost you thousands of dollars to drive traffic to your shopify website.

So what is the solution to scale your business without loosing to much money?

The solution is PLAK Shopify Theme, the more your website is quicker, the more these four following factors will be optimized automatically

  • You’ll increase your (Domain Authority/ Page Authority) DA/PA
  • You’ll reduce your abandoned checkout rate
  • You’ll increase your (Time session duration & number of pages visited/session)
  • You’ll get FREE organic traffic from search engines such as (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, …) to your website and increase your sales


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The result

Getting lot of sales and maximize your profits. Here Are 4 Big Benefits

  • Full Custom Homepage, Product page & Built-in features
  • Conversion Boosters
  • Incredibly Fast Loading, almost 98% in GTMETRIX Tool
  • No coding needed ! Easy to customize from Shopify theme editor

Save More Than 2100$/year in third party apps and Speed service

Save Time & Money & Focus on your sales

If you do some math and calculate how much money you pay per year for slow loading third party apps, you’ll end up with something not less than 1700$, and if you add to that some design tweak, speed and SEO services, you’ll be spending more than 2100$/year. Stop paying for useless services and focus on your income cash flow stats.

If you’re still struggling to get sales from your Shopify Store then installing PLAK Shopify Theme is going to boost your sales and save you money at the same time.

Apps are one of the main reasons why your store is slow, mainly for mobile users!

With Plak Shopify theme, you will be able to avoid struggling with non-converting and poor quality themes. Because store loading speed plays a major important role in extending sales, so Plak theme is designed with super speeds in mind.

>> The Best, the fastest and the SEO friendly Shopify theme to skyrocket your sales <<

The main features included in the Plak theme :


  • Dynamic Freeshipping bar (show different text with different colors text when the user reaches the freeshipping amount or use a custom text instead)
  • Lazyloading images
  • Product labels with animations (enable/disable labels, such as “sale” and “new”)
  • Fully Customizable product page (control where you want to move features directly from your Shopify theme editor)
  • Sticky add to cart
  • Countdown timer
  • Saving amount label
  • Delivery estimator
  • Trust Badge feature
  • Product tabs
  • Sizechart Ajax popup
  • GDPR compliance bar
  • Responsive Parallex Slideshow (slider on mobile view)
  • Products (sales) popup
  • Megamenu
  • Whatsapp widget (one of the most useful feature in 2019)
  • Messenger widget
  • Instagram widget

>> Exclusive feature :

  • Stats show that Entrance & Exit popups are embarrassing for visitors, in order to increase your mail list, we have developed a script to show a blurry coupon code for non-registered members into the product page, they must register or signing in order to see it.

Plak theme is available in 4 languages : German, English, Spanish and French

Ready to boost sales now ? Get PLAK Theme now and get :

  • 1 year Free updates
  • 1 year support
  • Free installation (if requested) from one of our Shopify Experts

>> Check a Store Demo HERE

>> RISK FREE, get PLAK Theme today, if you didn’t like it, you have 48 hours to claim full refund <<