If you own a wordpress e-commerce store, then there are 6 plugins that you must have anyhow.

1- WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a prerequisite for every e-commerce store. Just by downloading this plugin most of the work is done automatically in the backend by itself. 

It will be easy for you to add and manage products into their suitable categories on the whole website. WooCommerce does so many things automatically. Cart, checkout and the account page will be automatically settled up after installing the plugin.

2- WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice

This plugin is to increase your sales by Sphere Plugins. It is like all in one plugin. It will help you to create product bundles, make a clothing pair, make custom jewelry design.

The plugin is available in multi-languages. You can select the language of your local region and it is also compatible with almost every theme.

Beyond increasing your sales. The customer can design their own jewelry patterns. Moreover, your customer can also create his own clothing pair. Thus, there are so many functions in a single plugin.

3- MailChimp

MailChimp is for mail campaigning. Nowadays some people say email marketing is dead. But it is said by those people that aren’t good at copywriting which is the core reason why people get lower “open rates”.

If proper attention paid towards subject line and attention span kept in mind, then you can get good results.

MailChimp is the best platform to send automated emails. You can automatically send offers for special events such as : birthdays, new years etc.

4- Product Image Zoom

Product Image Zoom is an image zooming plugin. It helps to zoom the product images so the customers can have a clear view of the product/service you’re selling.

When the customers get to know more about the product they become confident and might make a purchase.

Image Zoom is also a must-have have plugin for e-commerce stores. There is almost nobody that doesn’t zoom the product. Without zooming the product, it’s hard to know about the product and ultimately it becomes impossible to decide to buy the product.

Note : Zooming with HD image will increase your sales.

5- Tracking More

Tracking More is a plugin for tracking orders.

The customers who have placed the order will be able to track their parcel live. It builds trust in the customer’s mind. 

It has a tie-up with around 580 different carrier services worldwide. You can select your carrier and setup all the necessary settings and then your customer can track his package anytime on your website via the Track Button.

This service is very useful. Every customer needs to track his package especially when he is eager to get it delivered.

6- Photo Review for WooCommerce

Photo Review for Woocommerce plugin is for increasing your reviews on products. It helps you to send reminder emails, allows to post reviews on products.

Good reviews bring you sales indirectly, indeed, when a visitor is reading your product reviews he will get the other’s customers insight about it, and if the reviews are great, this visitor will most likely place an order. 

Reviews are more important than anything on your website. If a product has no reviews, the chance to seeing an order coming from it is pretty low. 

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