Your product page is one of the most important page after Homepage, you should have a stunning design for better user experience, but also a structured data for Robots (search engines), so how to build a product page to increase its visibility in Google, Bing, Yahoo… ?

After having made a deep keyword research for your product titles and description, is is the time now to optimize your store’s pages using the most searched keywords.

Note : The conversion rate for visitors who land directly on a product page is about 7%. While the average of conversion rate is just 2.5%

In order to overcome your competitors, you must rely on SEO. Indeed, visitors from search engines turn easier to customers than visitors coming from other platforms like (social media, referred traffic, emails marketing, …). The directives below are a fruit of many years of experience in e-commerce gathered together.

1- Use the less apps possible

Most of newbie will tend to be attracted to the apps descriptions like (increase your sales by 60% with this app…), but this is not always true. In fact, installing and overwhelming your shopify store with too many apps may impact negatively your shopify speed loading time and your SEO score and by consequence, reduce your sales number.

Apps use external servers to load their file, your browser will need more time to load them, moreover, apps rarely use minified codes, this will impact more your Shopify speed, and as it is a part of SEO, your score will go down. In general if your product page has a loading time of 5 seconds and beyond, your visitors will leave that page, by consequence your bounce rate and your abandoned checkout rates will be destroyed.

Solution : Try to hire a Shopify expert in order to code features inside your theme, for example, instead of installing a product tabs app, you can get it embed to your Shopify store by an expert, you’ll gain more speed and reduce your monthly fees.

2- Update your product page frequently

This is neglected by the majority of online store owners.

Google and other Search Engines like fresh content

Google has explored many ways that it might use “freshness” as one of the most ranking factors in 2011. But why is this important? Take this example : imaging you’re looking on google for a hotel room to rent and you found one at cheap price, but you figured out that you landed on a webpage which was lastly updated few years ago. May be this hotel doesn’t exist anymore or the price has changed since then… Bad user experience for google hum ?!
This is why Google and other search engines will no longer rank high webpages which aren’t updated frequently.

Solution : If you have too many products in your Shopify store and can’t updated them one by one everyday, you can automate the process using apps like Bulk Product Edit by Hextom

3- Keep your visitors the maximum time into your product page

One of the most important factors Search Engines use to rank high websites is Time Session Duration.
That is to say, the most a visitor stay on your website, the most this factor is important.

Solution :
– Don’t use features like Online chat which leads visitors and customers outside of your website or product page.
– Use your social media links to be opened in a new tab rather than being opened in the same window.
– Give much more details about your product descriptions, payments details, shipping delay, …

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